A Tech Innovation Journey to Reverse CRM – Jean Marie Richardson

iFOLIO is a digital portfolio platform with customers in 56 countries and 3 different solutions for Enterprises, Sports, and Educators.  iFOLIO Enterprise connects sales and marketing with digital darts to engage customers, unlocks opportunities with viewer analytics, and calls itself Reverse CRM.

Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO, describes the iFOLIO journey that started with a problem at a technology giant – Oracle Corporation as a product manager tasked with innovating CRM.

A sales user shadow project revealed important findings about CRM’s most important user and why they are often at odds with the sales effectiveness tool. Next an incredible journey including “no” at every corner,  an acquisition, $6 Million in sales, the stage of Oracle Open World conference, and finally a new company and platform that Reverses the CRM equation.

Starting with a problem and then leaning in to listening resulted in iFOLIO Enterprises’s innovation today, the only platform that enables leaders to connect and engage customers with private portfolios, unlock opportunities to move business forward with patent pending viewer analytics, and automate the reporting.