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Organize athlete development and sports
management through iFOLIO digital platform.

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Digital transformation is a priority for organizations worldwide. Innovate with iFOLIO digital platform.
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150+ digital media options to promote your skills for college admission and sports recruiters
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Understand how to reach your athletes with the right sports option at the right time.
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Customize reports and add users in easy-to-use admin portal.
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  • SaaS Platform | Supports 1M+ users
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  • White Label Digital Platform
  • Add Notes
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Account Media Library
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Online Support
  • Collaborative Access
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Stand Out as an Industry Leader
No matter the need, athletes can choose the template that make their strengths shine.
Our student template targets the 25 criteria scorecard utilized by Top 100 ranked U.S. colleges.
The athlete template targets coaches with athletic and academic insights for their Total Athlete brand.
Project templates provide flexibility to highlight a project or experience.
Trusted by sports organizations and thousands
of students throughout the U.S. and in 58 countries
NAVC Transforms Player Development with iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Platform
College Football Kicker Drafted to the NFL
Six-Figure Merit Scholarship Award Winner
iFOLIO isn’t just another recruiting software; this is something that helps mend the gap between athletics & academics, while putting their body of work on display for colleges & universities.
Get the Digital Edge
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