Reach buyers across channels and on mobile
Stand out from competition with a strong digital presence that is informative.

Provide a welcoming customer experience to win new business.

- 98% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of delivery

- Push a digital business portfolio to your prospect’s fingertips via text message

Connect, engage & convert with a platform for digital engagement
Engage with Digital
Keep your targets engaged with a digital iFOLIO site.

Answer your customers questions with videos, animated charts, and Google Maps.

Bridge sales & marketing with templates and visual campaigns to email or SMS.

Connect with clients with highly targeted and personalized digital sites.

iFOLIOs can replace websites or stand alone, while still optimizing SEO on internet searches.
Speed Conversions
Book appointments with calendar integration.

Keep buyers excited.

Get the contract signed with a click through docusign integration!
Optimize Sales Performance
Prioritize follow ups with digital engagement analytics.

Automate outreach & notes with
Reverse CRM®.

Equip your team with the right tech to land the deal with iFOLIO sales enablement platform.
Customer Success
iFOLIO Benefits for Sales:
iFOLIO Stories:
Close Larger Deals
Enterprise Sales team for Fortune 500 brand was bringing a new product to market. They used iFOLIO as a digital dart to engage prospects with the new value proposition and shorten sales cycles.

Results: Revenue growth from $0 to $3 Million in 1 ½ years.
Speed Sales Cycles with Digital Darts
Professional Service Firm had a goal to grow their business. They used iFOLIO to land a RFP with a National brand and to double their mid-market customer number.

Results: Double revenue, Landed big deal, Increased customers.
Shorten Sales Cycles
Small tech company increased revenue 300% using our own platform. We use it to shorten our sales cycle and connect with prospects earlier, and to close larger deals.

Results: Able to shorten a typical prospect cadence from 14 steps to 4
"The iFOLIO platform has been a game-changer for my company.

With a multitude of beautiful layouts I’m able to quickly make & share customizable digital landing pages displaying my mission and services.

After just sending it to two companies, I’ve gotten two contracts! Your product is awesome."

- Krista Rime
Founder & CEO, CruitX
Case Study
Atlanta Falcons
Ticket Sales:
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Get the Digital Edge
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