On the Spot Job Offer

Degrees in hand, happy graduates often face a shock when they realize companies don’t line up to offer them plumb jobs after college. CNN Money reports that 36% of college graduates end up in jobs that do not require a degree. For this doctor, that was not an option.

Taylor was realistic that even though she had high credentials, landing her dream job might require the extra mile in a market where employers get hundreds of resumes electronically. Securing the interview was a step, but now she had to ensure she passed their checklist for candidates.

She used iFOLIO to bring to life not only her academic credentials, degrees, and certifications, but also her research projects. iFOLIO in hand for the interview, she was ready to show her background. The interviewer looked surprised. How had he missed this on her resume? They were looking for expertise in the exact area of her research project. Seeing the visuals grabbed his attention in a way that the words had not. iFOLIO digital portfolios have tested to result in 120+ seconds of viewing, more than 15 times than the average eight seconds viewing a resume (according to a Microsoft study).

Taylor received a job offer on the spot.