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iFOLIO and Twilio Partner to Power Digital Storytelling by Text Message
iFOLIO today announced their partnership with Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) to radically enhance the sales story on mobile. Live today, Twilio technology powers iFOLIO's digital sales and marketing platform to engage prospects & clients like never before.
iFOLIO Announces Digital Platform for Sales Enablement that Delights Buyers and Sales Users with SMS & Reverse CRM™
Sales enablement is becoming imperative for businesses of all sizes according to Gartner who reports 74% of organizations increased their budget for digital sales enablement last year.
iFOLIO's Proprietary Tech Platform Powers Cresa Atlanta's Marketing with Digital Portfolio Storytelling and Business SMS
Cresa Atlanta, a commercial real estate leader throughout the United States, is delivering engaging digital portfolios and trends directly to customers and buyers through iFOLIO® a patent-pending platform for Digital Portfolios and business SMS."We understand that customers want insights. iFOLIO helps us engage our customers with a portfolio and data on the mobile device they are most connected to," says Scott Polinski, Vice President of Cresa Atlanta.
iFOLIO Honored with Global Excellence Award, Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions - 2019 by AI Global Media
In today's digital world, buyers are more informed and have high expectations when they interact with a company. It's critical for enterprises to maximize that customer touchpoint with an experience that feels custom and differentiated.iFOLIO® is recognized with the Global Excellence Award "Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions – 2019" by AI Global Media for innovation, growth, and delivering results through an enterprise digital portfolio platform.Deliver delightful Customer ExperiencesDeliver delightful Customer Experiences
iFOLIO is Proud to Announce Partnership with Rennie Curran - CEO of Game Changer LLC
iFOLIO, the leading digital engagement platform for sales enablement, has launched a strategic partnership with Game Changer LLC. CEO Rennie Curran is a keynote speaker, author, board member, University of Georgia Football All-American…
Want A Future In Innovation? You Need The Skills, And The Tools, To Sell Yourself
iD Tech has been running summer tech camps for kids and teens since 1999, and their mission – to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future – hasn't changed. But along the way, they realized teaching students…
iD Tech Partners with iFOLIO® to Sharpen Students' Path to Future Innovation with Digital Portfolios
Technology is transforming education with new opportunities for students. iD Tech, recognized as a leader in STEM education, has partnered with iFOLIO® Digital Portfolio Platform to enable students to illustrate these skills for future colleges…
Equifax Innovates Customer Introductions Maximizing Engagement Through New SaaS Platform iFOLIO
Equifax Business Connect sales team is in constant pursuit to maximize value at every stage of the customer life-cycle, and Equifax Product Marketing wants to provide innovating tools to enhance engagement.
Innov8ors LA - A Tech Journey to Reverse CRM
The limitless opportunity of technology can turn product and marketing upside down. Product cycles can be time consuming and expensive, and sometimes result in features that remain unused. Innovation starts with a real-world problem.
iFOLIO Showcases Proprietary Technology with Top 10 Award for Portfolio Platform
Artificial intelligence will change the world. iFOLIO, the exclusive breakthrough technology for digital marketing made personal, celebrates its proprietary smart digital portfolio platform and award from Education Technology Insight in California.
North Atlanta Volleyball Club Transforms Player Development with iFOLIO® Digital Portfolio Platform
In our increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is critical. iFOLIO® Sports provides student athletes a platform to build their best impression for sports and college admission opportunities with private portfolio templates, built-in…
The Museum School Innovates with iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Platform
Technology today is expanding and transforming education options with dramatic new opportunities. The Museum School of Avondale Estates, recognized as a leader in innovative education, has implemented the iFOLIO Digital Portfolio Platform for 6th…