Reach buyers right where they are, on their mobile phone.

Break through the noise with personalized digital campaigns

Break through the noise with personalized digital campaigns
Personalized Text Campaigns
Clickable Link & Signature
Engage your buyers with a link with videos and animated charts. Stay modern, relevant, and delightful.Your signature differentiates this text from the rest and enables immediate follow-ups.
Personalized 1-to-1 Experiences & Built in Analytics
Each message is personalized to the recipient so your message connects better with your audience.Built-in tracking helps you measure campaign engagement and effectiveness with analytics.
Visual Share
Differentiate your text reach-outs with a visual image to grab attention immediately and reinforce your brand.
Engage millions with personalized SMS marketing
How It Works
iFOLIO is a cutting edge way to demonstrate value digitally. Your clients view digital content on their mobile, and can download contact information with a click from the private link.