Enterprises, Educators & Sports Organizations

Introducing iFOLIO, a business software for digital portfolio landing pages.
Custom solutions for: Enterprises, Educators, and Sports Organizations.

Enhance your message digitally and share expertise and testimonials through a portfolio site.

Learn how to provide iFOLIO to your organization! 

Give your users the Digital Edge!

According to a Microsoft study, word docs get an average 15 seconds viewing time, but iFOLIOs get an average 120+ seconds.

SMS or Email iFOLIOs to referrals, add to email signatures, show in meetings.

iFOLIO is easily shared and optimizes to any screen to create a lasting impression.

Help Your Users Present Their Value Proposition With The Digital Edge!

iFOLIO, a software-as-a-service platform, is provided through a License

User Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use  & Web-based
  • Link Optimizes for Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • 3 iFOLIOs from Flexible Templates
  • 150 Visual Display Options
  • Media Stock Library
  • Insights & Examples
  • Password Protection
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Easy-to-Share link
  • Social Integration
  • Viewer Tracking – in development

Administrator Benefits:

  • Supports 1M+ Users
  • Easy On-boarding
  • Self- Help with Tutorial Videos
  • Online Support
  • Account Media Library
  • Analytic Reports
  • SSL Encryption
  • Web-based SaaS Platform

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