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Engaging Campaigns

Cultivate brand awareness and loyalty, create a sense of community, and
provide a delightful exclusive experience with innovative digital activation.
Provide Experiences delivered directly to clients.

iFOLIO is your digital platform to delight buyers.

Go Digital
Push exclusive content to delight clients with fresh experiences.
Unlimited Experiences/Content Creation
Videos, Music playlists, countdown tickers, video games, and much more
Embedded socials
Dedicated creative team
Personalize campaigns & include sponsors
Capture Analytics
Client engagement
Patented heat map of content consumption block-by-block
Push exclusive content to build community and nurture your prospects
For Sponsors
Offer sponsors maximum engagement.
Generate more impressions and more active mindshare.

We are not your average social, or digital offering.
Push Effectiveness
Text messages have a 98% open rate. Could you imagine 98% of your customers engaged with your marketing?

App downloads have a high barrier to entry. iFOLIO’s mobile delivery allows you to reach more fans, encourages app downloads. Opt-out technology keeps those customers happy.
Get the Digital Edge
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