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iFOLIO & Game Changer LLC

iFOLIO is Proud to Announce Partnership with Rennie Curran - CEO of Game Changer LLC

CEO Rennie Curran is a keynote speaker, author, board member, University of Georgia Football All-American and Former NFL player. Through interactive presentations, workshops, and private coaching he teaches individuals, teams, and organizations to overcome adversity and reach their fullest potential. Rennie shares from his personal experience as an athlete who was originally deemed too small for college football but overcame the doubters to become a team leader both on and off the field.

Rennie smashed expectations becoming an All American not once, but three times. He was Team MVP, Permanent Team Captain, and Butkus Award Finalist before being drafted to the NFL. As a linebacker, Rennie learned about leadership, resilience, and performing at the highest level while under intense pressure. While pursuing his NFL career he also leveraged his platform by becoming a successful entrepreneur. He uses his story to inspire others to change the game on the field or in the office through positivity and mental fortitude.

Rennie has an inspiring message that resonates with students, athletes and professionals. Rennie wants to help people reach their fullest potential and iFOLIO accomplishes this goal. Rennie uses iFOLIO personally and has an esoteric understanding of the product.

"My goal is to inspire other people to achieve their dreams. With the help and inspiration from others, I achieved my dreams, and I am excited to help others by providing iFOLIO as a platform for success," says Rennie Curran.

iFOLIO speeds client engagement with digital portfolios that illustrate a story with videos, animated charts and 150 customizable display options. Unlike business cards or presentations, iFOLIOs average 240+ seconds client engagement. iFOLIOs links can be shared from a phone screen with no application or membership required. Patent-pending analytics help users measure response instantly and automated reporting into CRM solve crucial needs for sales enablement and marketing teams.

"I am stoked about Rennie Curran. His story is POWERFUL and it is a perfect partnership. iFOLIO revolutionizes how people and companies introduce value to decision makers in a digital world," says Jean Marie Richardson, CEO of iFOLIO.

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