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College Football Kicker Drafted to the NFL

College Football Kicker Drafted to the NFL

They say results are all that matter. Not always. This ACC collegiate football kicker explained that the odds were against him when it came to the NFL. Even though he was the all-time leading scorer in school history, kicking over 337 points, had a 72% field goal percentage, easily kicked a 58-yard field goal, and is credited with the game-winning field goal in overtime against Georgia Tech’s arch-rival the University of Georgia. NFL coaches save their draft picks for quarterbacks, wide receivers and linebackers. They have enough kickers willing to walk on.

Out of eight million high school athletes, approximately 480,000 will compete at NCAA colleges. A select few will make it to the pros. [2] This athlete explained it was vital to get coaches to see his talents and be convinced to use a precious draft pick before Draft Day.

He had an agent but also used an iFOLIO private portfolio link to showcase him kicking field goals at different distances through short videos. He planned for one minute of mindshare from a coach he sent the link to. If he grabbed their interest, he also had links to his stats, a video speaking at a leadership event, and a view of his sports awards and academics – the holistic view of the ‘Total Athlete.’ As the draft neared, he added videos and images from Scouting Combine Pro Day, the NFL Combine, and the Tax Slayer Bowl Game. These updates were attached to the same link, so all coaches had the necessary information.

iFOLIO brings athletic talent to life with videos, in addition to media and sports statistics, for coaches and recruiters that may not be present at the critical moments in the game.

The seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft, pick 233, he got a call from the Carolina Panthers. He was the third and last kicker selected in 2017. On May 5, 2017, the Panthers signed him to a four-year, multi-million-dollar contract with a signing bonus.

He defeated the odds. Today, he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. In his first month in the NFL, he earned two NFL records: most made field goals in a month for a rookie kicker and the only player to make five field goals in multiple games of a rookie season.